December 5, 2016

How to Choose Your Diet and Stick With It!

How do you Choose Your Diet and more importantly Stick With It?

In this article I will go into depth about how to choose a diet, which one is best for you and why it is more important to choose a diet that makes you happiest.


I get questions all the time from my family and friends about the many diet types out there. This is because I have a degree in the Health & Exercise sciences, so naturally I get these types of questions on a daily basis. But worry no more family and friends I have made an article for you!


There Are Too Many Diets Types!


Diets are hard to follow and even harder to create. Especially with the numerous types and styles of diets to follow (Paleo, Vegan, Dash, Vegetarian, Mediterranean) This link goes into detail on these diets in depth Click



Each type of diet is different, some more extreme than others. I can personally say that I don’t follow a specific diet plan.


How Do I Choose?


I personally don’ follow a specific diet plan. I take in the information of each type of diet and decide on which one suits me the best for my health, nutritional, and body goals.


For example I am a big fan of vegan dieting however I still love my protein sources like chicken and turkey. I take the parts I like from vegan dieting like the high vegetable, and fruit intake and ignore the meat restriction portion of the diet.


Choose What Makes You Happy eddy

This is true in context to everything in life. Choose whatever makes you happiest. This could be for your relationships, career, and dieting, especially dieting.

I follow a loose diet. I eat when I am hungry, try to eliminate snacks, and focus on nutrient rich foods, healthy meats, and consuming 60% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 20% fat. And if by chance I have some extra macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat) left over at the end of the day I’ll have a bowl of ice cream, as long as it fits my goals for calories, and macros for the day.


This type of dieting works for me and its easy to do!


Now It’s Your Turn, Pick The One You’ll Follow Through With


Now I understand this may be difficult to do, but If you want to start a healthier more controlled lifestyle then I’d recommend taking some time to choice your diet type and utilizing all of their principles. What ever makes you happy because this is the most important part of any diet. If you like it you will be more willing to follow your diet plan. Vice versa, if you are unhappy, and uncomfortable with a diet, you will not be able to follow it for the long run.


Let Me Know If You Need More Help


I’m always available for help. Send me a tweet @JohnTorrri and I will answer any questions you have on dieting tips. Thanks for reading!


December 2, 2016

Conquer The Salmon Ladder In Three Simple Steps

The Perfect Guide to Conquering The Salmon Ladder- America Ninja Warrior.

Conquer The Salmon Ladder

This past summer instead of focusing on increasing my bench press or how far I can run I decided I would Conquer the Infamous Salmon Ladder.

For those of you who do not know what this is here’s a look.

“Wow, That’s amazing I can’t possibly do that”

Of course you can! I used to think that too but its actually a lot easier than it looks. The training to conquering the salmon ladder is simple too. Anyone with access to pull up bar and a chair can preform a salmon ladder pull up. No, to good to be true? Well guess again because thats all I used to perfect this exercise.

Are you ready to learn how to “Conquer the Salmon Ladder”? Yes? Let’s go!

The first thing that you have to do is build up strength. This is where the pull ups and the chair come in. First set a goal, what day you would like to attempt the salmon ladder (what if I don’t have a salmon ladder click).

I would suggest giving yourself three weeks, this lets you build your strength up as well as your confidence.

Step 1 Pull Ups

Good old fashion’d pull ups. Pull ups are the perfect exercise to train because, well because its one of the main movements of the exercise. There are three types of pull ups to focus on.

  • Shoulder width Pull Upssholder

Wide Grip Pull Upswide-grip-pullups-back1

  • Near Grip Pull Upsnear-grip

On each exercise do a maximum number of pull ups. Till you can’t move up anymore. It is important to get the most out of these reps, especially the last few, thats where your muscle really gets stronger.

To start off just do each one of these exercises 1 or 2 times giving yourself a minute or two to recover. (example: preform wide grip till exhaustion take a 2 minute break then preform near grip till failure recover repeat) Conquer!

Step 2 Negatives

Now that you have the hard part out of the way begin working on your “negatives”.

Negatives are among the most powerful training techniques for rapid strength gains. Learn how to do them effectively without a training partner. (source

Negative training, also known as eccentric training, involves loading a weight movement in only the down or muscle-lengthening phase.


This causes the muscle to be under tension for a longer time, thus resulting in strength gains. These types of eccentric exercises can be used for any body part, they just particularly work well for conquering the salmon ladder.

What to do.

This is where a chair comes in handy.

  1. Place the chair at the bottom of the pull up bar.
  2. Place your hands in the “Wide Grip” position.
  3. Jump up/ pull yourself up till your chin is above or near the bar.
  4. Now in a slow and controlled motion, lower your body back down. (It is important that this motion is controlled, no swinging around)
  5. Repeat until muscle exhaustion.

Step 3 Core & Leg Swing

We saved the best for last. This portion is the key to conquering the salmon ladder. If you watch someone accomplish a successful salmon ladder pull up, you can easily notice that they really aren’t using “correct form” and you’d be right. They are not using the correct pull up form however, they are using a correct form for the salmon ladder.

To conquer the salmon ladder you must increase your plyometric abilities.

What are Plyometrics?

Plyometrics, also known as “jump training” or “plyos”, are exercises in which muscles exert maximum force in short intervals of time, with the goal of increasing power (speed-strength).

Athletes use this type of training for gaining short quick bursts of speed and power. Guess what, you’re an athlete too. At least now you are, training to conquer the salmon ladder.

To increase your plyometric abilities for this exercise we will focus on our legs and core.

Here’s what to do

  • While hanging on the pull up bar bring your knees to your chest in a quick motion.


  • Repeat this process several times in order to train your neuromuscular system to react to the motion.
  • After you feel confident in this motion try and preforming a pull up when your knees are pulled close to your chest. (this motion forces your momentum upwards, when added with a pull up during the end of the motion not only will the pull up be easier, you will find yourself bringing your chin way above the pull up bar!



Well, there you go! Now you have all you need in your arsenal to conquer the salmon ladder. The combination of strength training (Pull Ups, Negatives) and Plyometric training (Core and Leg Swing) will help you to conquer the salmon ladder.

Let me know how you do using this program. Post on social media and use #ConquerSalmonLadder and I will look you up!

Thanks again, Lift Learn Love your Body.

Additional Workouts

If what I included doesn;t work for you its ok, here are few articles that I found extremely helpful when I was preparing to conquer the salmon ladder

How To Build a Salmon Ladder

December 1, 2016

I Covered Up My Laptop Camera Why You Should Too

I like most people use my laptop for almost everything in my life. This means that I’m physically in front of my screen anywhere from 3 to 10 hours a day. Last night I was watching a show on Amazon Prime called “Mr Robot”. The main character is a cyber security worker by day and a hacker by night. In an episode recently a hacker gave a CD to one of the characters and had his whole laptop hacked, including the camera. He was able to invade the privacy, all because of a virus he installed allowing him access to his files, camera, and audio. This is a scary thought.

The next time you think about clicking on a link, sending content that is skeptical or doing something inappropriate, make sure you aren’t doing it in front of an open laptop screen, they might be watching you.

November 29, 2016

Saying “No” You Are Valuable

Say “No”

Too many times we are forced into doing things we don’t want to do.

“Can you cover my shift tonight?”

“Do you want to go to the movies tonight?”

“Will you file this paperwork for me?”

We get pushed around and pressured into doing the “right thing”.

But who’s to say that the “right thing” is to say YES?

Our time is valuable.

In fact its our most valuable asset.

It is also the thing we least value.

So the next time you feel pressured into saying “yes” doing something you won’t benefit from.

Just say “No”.

You’re time is valuable and so are you.

November 28, 2016

Books And Knowledge

Books and Knowledge

Books are the gateway to the soul.

Growing up the last thing I wanted to do during my summer vacation was to read a book. Especially one assigned to you by your school.

Reading was boring and took time, and brain power. Watching TV was easy and required nothing but sitting on your butt.

I was always encouraged to read. My mother loves books, my brother reads and re-reads the Harry Potter series on a yearly basis, so reading was a norm in my family.

I would go to class and read classics like To Kill a Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men, and I would enjoy them but nothing truly resonated with me. I would half ass my reading in school and bs my way through summer reading projects. I thought I would never read again. Until, well until I saw this guy on youtube named Tai Lopez. He would have tons of YouTube ads on all the videos I watched. I ignored them for as long as I could but I clicked on one. The video was of Tai in his garage in front of a black Lamborghini. In this garage with him was a huge bookshelf filled with all types of books, Tai was telling people that knowledge was the key to success and that to become successful you should learn from successful people and mirror there actions. This was an interesting concept, and for the first time in 4 years I was interested in reading again.

I started reading the books on philosophy, phycology, finance, business, biography, self help, emotions, you name it I was reading books on the subject. And I kid you not my whole world view began to change. I could see the dynamics in interpersonal relationships, I could identify positive and negative behaviors and thought patterns, I was learning more than I had throughout all my years of schooling.

Now I can’t help but read. Often times I go to the library (yes I know its nerdy but I do go to the library) and take out 3-4 books at a time, the librarian thinks I’m crazy (she isn’t wrong) but sure enough in a week or two all of those books are read and returned.

Reading is something I hated growing up. I was forced to read traditional classics and award winning fiction novels, all of which I had no interest in. But now on my own I’ve read so many books that have shaped my life. Once you find a style or genre of book you like it is easy to read, even entertaining. And like Tai Lopez once told me, “The key to success is knowledge” I encourage you to find a type of book that you like to read and pursue understanding and growing while reading these books.

A book is a the best investment you can make in yourself, you can learn from one persons lifetime achievements, tips and tricks all for the small cost of a book. And who knows, the knowledge that you obtain from that book can help you succeed which is priceless.