About Me

Ever since I was little I have always been passionate for making things & helping people. I get a thrill out of seeing someone smile or laugh because of something I did for them. It just lights my fire!

I love to do a lot of things, and get the most out of life. Odds are if you're here, we share similar values. Here's a short list of the things I love the most. Family, Friends, Living a healthy lifestyle physically emotionally and mentally, reading, hiking, new and exciting technology, and and above all helping others.

If you feel the same way then boy is this the place for you! I'll be posting fun and entertaining content weekly and sharing my life with you one post at a time.


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My Work

Throughout my career I have worked in several industries. Health & Fitness and Film being two of my major focuses



I have preformed at several schools and gave entertaining and educational talks on how to live a the most healthy life you can possibly imagine by following some of my own personal keys to a healthier happier life.

Film Work

Ever since I was little I have been making videos. In high school I stood out amongst my classmates and created awesome films with my friends. In college I took my passion and used it to help non profit organizations like GetFIT create an informational "How To" video for trainers to instruct handicapped individuals on different types of exercises to preform. I have also worked with several start up companies and created promotional videos for their products and services. I love making new and creative pieces and through film and video I have found a place for my passion.


Health & Exercise

I have an Bachelors of Arts degree in Health & Exercise Science with a specialization in Health Promotion and Fitness Management. Throughout my time at school I volunteered in several out patient physical therapy centers, was a trainer then was promoted to manager for a small non-profit GetFIT, and went on to intern for a public health organization. During my internship I was placed in a leadership role  and helped conduct and run a successful city wide health initiative program. Since then I have been developing a muscle building, fat loss program for anyone to download. I truly love health and see it as a vital necessity for anyone and everyone.