Lose Control? Here’s How To Regain Control Of Your Life.

Now a days, in almost every aspect of your life you have control over the situation. You get in the car, you control everything from where you are going to how cool you want the AC to blow. You control which song you want to play on you phone, you control what you purchase at the store, and you control when you return home.

It’s moments when you lose control that impact you and leave you confused and lost. When you lose a loved one, when you crash your car, when you lose your job. It is in these moments of no control that determine who we are. If you are currently in a state of no control you have to regain control in your life, it is a must. Here are some ways for you to regain control in your life.

Set a schedule: Set a time to wake up, eat breakfast, learn something new (language, instrument), and some time to think of how you lost that control in your life.

Go exercise: Exercise not only is beneficial to your body it also is amazing for reducing stress. This reduction of stress will help you feel more in control of your life. Exercises can be working out at the gym, yoga, running, and a nice walk all help. Article on Walking and Stress relief

Read: Reading is an under appreciated yet necessary part of growing as a person. I personally love non fiction books that deal with self improvement. Here are some that help you regain control in your life. The War of Art , Awaken the Giant Within & 48 Laws of Power 

If you begin to incorporate all of these ways to regain control in your life you will feel a sense of total control in your life. The importance of finding and maintaining control in your life comes from the need for you to be the best version of yourself for the collective good of everyone. If you are in control you will feel happier as well as more able to cope with your loss of control.

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