Fitting In: The Reason You Should Be Unique

Fitting In: The Reason You Should Be Unique

Do you care what other people think of you?

Even though I don’t like to admit it, I do.

We all do.

But why?

Should we change?

Why We Choose to Fit In

I’m sure fitting in was important way back in the day for survival purposes. Being accepted by a tribe of people provided you with food, shelter and a community to protect you from predators. This was the only way for us to survive. If you lived back then and were regarded as different, your tribe wouldn’t accept you. You would have been exiled, and died. Yikes! We needed group approval for survival. So why do we still have this out dated method of thinking, when we have the safety and security that fitting in previously required of us?

We’ve been tricked into to keep this mindset.

Money, that is the reason why we still have the mindset to fit in. There is a lot of money in marketing if you fit in and become a good consumer. When you can be sold on the idea of fitting in, you can be sold things to make you fit in! We are sold on which shoes will make us jump as high as Michael Jordan, what style of haircut that Justin Bieber has, what lipstick will make our lips look like Kylie’s. What I’m trying to get across here is that we are not thinking for ourselves when it comes to fitting in! We are taught how to fit in, whether this is intentional or not.

Since we have been sold this mindset for so long, I’m going to try and sell you on a different way to think.


Fitting in is also very boring. Fitting in is mediocre. No one wants a mediocre product, a mediocre day off or a mediocre boyfriend/ girlfriend. So why fit in? Why be mediocre!?! Given your choice would you rather follow an Instagram page filled with mediocre photos? No you want to follow the one that has beautiful pictures of landscapes, sunsets, birds, animals, Kim K’s… you get the point! In our technologically savvy world we can’t, no, we mustn’t, NO, we shalt not conform to the mediocrity of fitting in!

Become unique

There’s a really cool scene from BBC’s Planet Earth series, on the “Birds of Paradise”. Now these are unlike any birds I’ve ever seen. These birds are colorful, they make abstract chirps and screeches, and they dance. Yes, you read that right, they dance. To attach a mate, these birds have to jump around and buff up their chests to attract a mate! Do you think that the female bird would chose a boring bird, absolutely not!

Start Dancing

You can be the colorful dancing bird. You can create something that the other birds would want to talk about, or buy. You can, and you should be unique.

Fitting in used to be cool, fitting in used to be functional, fitting in really doesn’t fit well present day.

You need to stand out. Be unique.


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