How to Choose Your Diet and Stick With It!

How do you Choose Your Diet and more importantly Stick With It?

In this article I will go into depth about how to choose a diet, which one is best for you and why it is more important to choose a diet that makes you happiest.


I get questions all the time from my family and friends about the many diet types out there. This is because I have a degree in the Health & Exercise sciences, so naturally I get these types of questions on a daily basis. But worry no more family and friends I have made an article for you!


There Are Too Many Diets Types!


Diets are hard to follow and even harder to create. Especially with the numerous types and styles of diets to follow (Paleo, Vegan, Dash, Vegetarian, Mediterranean) This link goes into detail on these diets in depth Click



Each type of diet is different, some more extreme than others. I can personally say that I don’t follow a specific diet plan.


How Do I Choose?


I personally don’ follow a specific diet plan. I take in the information of each type of diet and decide on which one suits me the best for my health, nutritional, and body goals.


For example I am a big fan of vegan dieting however I still love my protein sources like chicken and turkey. I take the parts I like from vegan dieting like the high vegetable, and fruit intake and ignore the meat restriction portion of the diet.


Choose What Makes You Happy eddy

This is true in context to everything in life. Choose whatever makes you happiest. This could be for your relationships, career, and dieting, especially dieting.

I follow a loose diet. I eat when I am hungry, try to eliminate snacks, and focus on nutrient rich foods, healthy meats, and consuming 60% carbohydrates, 30% protein, and 20% fat. And if by chance I have some extra macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat) left over at the end of the day I’ll have a bowl of ice cream, as long as it fits my goals for calories, and macros for the day.


This type of dieting works for me and its easy to do!


Now It’s Your Turn, Pick The One You’ll Follow Through With


Now I understand this may be difficult to do, but If you want to start a healthier more controlled lifestyle then I’d recommend taking some time to choice your diet type and utilizing all of their principles. What ever makes you happy because this is the most important part of any diet. If you like it you will be more willing to follow your diet plan. Vice versa, if you are unhappy, and uncomfortable with a diet, you will not be able to follow it for the long run.


Let Me Know If You Need More Help


I’m always available for help. Send me a tweet @JohnTorrri and I will answer any questions you have on dieting tips. Thanks for reading!


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