Books And Knowledge

Books and Knowledge

Books are the gateway to the soul.

Growing up the last thing I wanted to do during my summer vacation was to read a book. Especially one assigned to you by your school.

Reading was boring and took time, and brain power. Watching TV was easy and required nothing but sitting on your butt.

I was always encouraged to read. My mother loves books, my brother reads and re-reads the Harry Potter series on a yearly basis, so reading was a norm in my family.

I would go to class and read classics like To Kill a Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men, and I would enjoy them but nothing truly resonated with me. I would half ass my reading in school and bs my way through summer reading projects. I thought I would never read again. Until, well until I saw this guy on youtube named Tai Lopez. He would have tons of YouTube ads on all the videos I watched. I ignored them for as long as I could but I clicked on one. The video was of Tai in his garage in front of a black Lamborghini. In this garage with him was a huge bookshelf filled with all types of books, Tai was telling people that knowledge was the key to success and that to become successful you should learn from successful people and mirror there actions. This was an interesting concept, and for the first time in 4 years I was interested in reading again.

I started reading the books on philosophy, phycology, finance, business, biography, self help, emotions, you name it I was reading books on the subject. And I kid you not my whole world view began to change. I could see the dynamics in interpersonal relationships, I could identify positive and negative behaviors and thought patterns, I was learning more than I had throughout all my years of schooling.

Now I can’t help but read. Often times I go to the library (yes I know its nerdy but I do go to the library) and take out 3-4 books at a time, the librarian thinks I’m crazy (she isn’t wrong) but sure enough in a week or two all of those books are read and returned.

Reading is something I hated growing up. I was forced to read traditional classics and award winning fiction novels, all of which I had no interest in. But now on my own I’ve read so many books that have shaped my life. Once you find a style or genre of book you like it is easy to read, even entertaining. And like Tai Lopez once told me, “The key to success is knowledge” I encourage you to find a type of book that you like to read and pursue understanding and growing while reading these books.

A book is a the best investment you can make in yourself, you can learn from one persons lifetime achievements, tips and tricks all for the small cost of a book. And who knows, the knowledge that you obtain from that book can help you succeed which is priceless.

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