7 Quick And Easy Pre Workout Snacks

Recently a good friend of mine was having trouble sustaining his energy during his workouts. My friend is training in the Police Academy and they have been putting him through some rigorous and intense workouts. Often times running up to 2-3 hours of constant running and training. Just hearing about some of the training he has to go through I could tell that he would need a lot of energy. The type of energy you can only obtain by selecting the right foods pre workout foods. So he is an article dedicated to my friend and all those who would like some great pre workout foods!

You need to have a good balance of Carbohydrates & Protein for long lasting energy during your workout


Fun word to spell out and a great pre workout snack. This is because Bananas have fast acting carbohydrates, giving you the immediate energy you require for a workout or run. Potassium is an added bonus, as potassium helps the post workout muscle building process.



Throw in some peanut butter and presto! A delicious meal that is high in fiber. Essentially providing you with a long release of energy, during your workout.


fruityFruit Smoothie-

Smoothies are the new craze, and I get why! Colorful and deliciously packed with High quality protein, simple and complex carbs. These will give you immediate energy as well as the long lasting energy your workout requires of you.


whiteyEggs, preferably Egg Whites.

Eggs notoriously known as a super food because of its perfect macronutrient ratio, is also a great pre workout meal. However for intense workouts I’d recommend only the egg whites. This is because egg yolk metabolizes slowly and may make you feel bloated and sluggish. Great protein food!


whole-grainWhole Grain Bread,

This bread can be Toast, Bagels, English Muffins, whatever your preference. The Whole Grain in the bread is jam packed with Fiber! Which is slowly released throughout workout duration.


chick-brownChicken Breast Brown Rice

If you got the time this meal is a staple pre workout/ post workout meal. This meal will sit well and provide you with a good deal of usable fuel, and minimal fat. Brown rice is a complex carb, slowly released. You can also substitute this with sweet potatoes, or other whole grains.


yogurtGreek Yogurt-

Better than regular yogurt. Double the protein and half the sugar (usually) good energy source that’s easy on the stomach (provided you are not lactose-intolerant).

Final Thoughts

These are only a handful of many pre workout foods that can give you the energy and necessary nutrients that workouts require of you. Please share with me what types of pre workout foods you like to eat, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks and go get that workout with all that extra energy you’ll have now!


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