The 5 Best YouTube Channels – In My Opinion

5 Favorite Youtube Channels

Youtube has been an increasingly popular source for entertainment and information. I find myself spending hours of my free time on youtube. From motivational talks to videos of trick shots youtube has it all. I personally love youtube and the many people that create videos on this website.

My personal preference is to watch videos that

  • inspire me to do and become more
  • teach new and relevant ideas
  • entertain and make me laugh

Number 5: NigaHiga


NigaHiga  Joined Jul 20, 2006 and has

Number 4: FightMediocrity


541,628 subscribers 20,561,075 views
Joined Aug 1, 2014

FightMediocrity Has had an amazing influence in my life. On this channel, FightMediocrity animates books that are helpful for entrepreneurs, students, and basically anyone who wants to learn more and potentially earn more. All of this is done with creative animation and voice over. The main ideas and topic of the book are illustrated and even enhanced with his own personal story of how these concepts and ideas from the book are relevant and how we can implement them in our own daily lives.

Number 3: Gary Vaynerchuk (vay-ner-chuk)


352,168 subscribers 30,981,505 views
Joined Oct 6, 2007

Gary Vaynerchuk is the youtube channel for any entrepreneur hands down! He provides you with amazing content and strategies to excel in this increasingly digital world. Don’t take my advice for it, he has personally  proven this time and time again. Widely referred to as the “Marketing Guru” he is always putting up new content and spreading his insights and knowledge on his channel. He has many segments such as “DailyVee” and my personal favorite “#TheAskGaryVeeShow“. Even after that he puts out some of his speaking engagements and short motivational clips of his quotes. He is an inspiration and someone that you should subscribe to for more advice on how to succeed in this day and age.

Number 2: Christian Guzman

cguz595,143 subscribers 98,409,180 views 

Joined Mar 16, 2012

Christian Guzman only joined youtube in 2012 yet his channel has been increasingly popular. “Why” you might ask, this is because Christian is the embodiment of what so many of us want to become. I know I do. Christian puts up content on the topic of fitness and business. He originally started his channel to track his progress in the gym, you can go back to some of his first clips and see this young kid beginning to put on muscle to now a successful physique contest winner and business owner. I love his channel not only because he is an animal in the gym but because he has made so much progress in his life, family, relationships, business, and body. Youtube has given him an outlet and a place to upload his progress to an audience. I know I have enjoyed seeing him achieve the unthinkable and put in the time and work and not be fake about it. Christian is grateful to all those that support him and usually ends his videos with a positive moment of where he is in his life, the lessons he’s learned and the important things in life. It is truly hard to not love a person like that. Christian Guzman is a great channel to subscribe to if you are into fitness, self improvement, or overall entertainment.

Number 1: Casey Neistat


5,548,592 subscribers 1,223,238,595 views
Joined Feb 15, 2010

Casey Neistat hands down my personal favorite YouTuber! You probably have seen at least one of his videos at some point in your life. His viral videos have been on new channels, all over youtube, as well as other social networking sites. Now in his about page on YouTube it says “Joined Feb 2010” and that is correct however he has been making viral videos before YouTube was even around. I mean like emailing videos to people… like whaaaaat?. Casey Neistat is my favorite channel because he posts daily Vlogs. Basically Casey made it a point to challenge himself each and every day to create and make a movie every single day. If that wasn’t challenging enough he is the only one who films and edits these videos.


Casey makes these videos more just just mere videos, he makes them into an art form, never reveling how much effort and time goes into his end product. He uses a variety of equipment to further his story telling ability and creative desires. With the utmost respect for Casey Neistat, Casey is almost like a fictional character, Riding his electric skateboard through the streets of NYC with his drone flying parallel to him, hanging out of helicopters, riding behind a Lamborghini attached to a rope. I mean Casey is amazing! Never fails to upload a vlog day after day after day and makes each one special, including his work, family, business, and past videos to enhance his storytelling ability. Casey also makes it an important part of his vlogs to share his own personal experiences and teaches his audience what matters most in life. His down to earthness, creative style and cartoon like character makes him my favorite youtuber.

FYI: Casey also won YouTuber of the year (2016)

He Earned it!


So what did you think? Again these are just the 5 channels that I like the most. Did I miss one that you think should be on the list. Leave a comment and share this video with your friends. Also one last note I too have a YouTube channel. I have some Daily Vlogs (Casey Neistat Style) and a few Travel videos from my resent trip. Check them out!

Until next time!

John Torri

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