My Life as a Recent College Graduate

My life as a recent college graduate.

Graduating from college was a challenge and a thrill for me. It challenged me in many ways and caused me to grow to become a better person, and I’m grateful for that, however I find myself in a bit of a stand still.

When I returned from college I made it a priority to read and learn all that I could. I read over 15 books this summer and watched several lectures on self improvement and spirituality. All of these subjects have lead me to where I am today. I’m that much closer to discovering and realizing my purpose but I feel a bit lost, in need of a path in which I can direct my energy.

My degree is is exercise science, and while I love whole heartedly to be healthy and help others I do not want to go to work for a company and train people. I have big ideas, big dreams, and a hunger to do something amazing with my life, especially given our short time on this planet. I want to create things, change the way we view each other and our bodies, and leave a lasting mark. One that my future children will be proud of. I’m worried that if I work at a safe secure jobĀ I will change from a curious, fun loving, creative person into someone dull, and desensitized to our beautiful world.

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