Staying Consistent: Three Sure Fire Ways To Achieve Any Goal

Consistency is key. Whether you are consistent with your job, loved ones, or even your diet, staying consistent is extremely important.

Why is consistency so important?

When you dedicate time towards a goal, you are more likely to achieve that goal. You can say “this year I’m going to get that body I’ve always dreamed of”, but then as soon as you go home you decide to whip out a pint of Ben & Jerry’s mint chocolate chip ice-cream and eat they whole carton! You’re not consistent, and therefore you will not reach your goals.

No one respects inconsistency, and it is often very frustrating to say we’re going to do something and make a change but suddenly we give up and become inconsistent. We all want to achieve our goals and get the reward of working towards a better “me”, and thats why we have to remain consistent. But since we struggle from time to time we need a plan of action to overcome our inconsistency’s.


Here’s What You Can Do

1) Accountability
Tell someone close to you about your goal. Having someone to hold you accountable to your word is a great motivator. especially when dieting.

2) Create a Mantra
Internal motivation is the most powerful and moving form of encouragement you can use. Create a mantra or saying to say to yourself to help you stay on track and consistent. This can be anything from “you can do this” to “I will be the best me I can be”. I have personally used mantras to help keep me motivated, and they work!

3) Find an external source of motivation
This can be as simple as a motivational quote that you use as your lock screen on your phone, to other external sources of motivation such as a youtube video, or a famous speech by an athlete. External motivation, while not as powerful as an internal motivation, will help you to keep going and working towards your goals.

I hope these three ways will help you to achieve what ever goal you wish to pursue in the future. If you feel that this could help someone you know please feel free to share this post, and remember Consistency is Key!

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