Why We Came To Iceland

Recently I went on an 11 day trip to Iceland with my cousin Justin.
Justin and I have been best buds since birth despite the vast distance between where we both live (Me-New Jersey, Justin- Indiana). We both share a love for adventure, exploring, and nature. So it made sense that we took a trip to Iceland, where all three of our loves could be found.

We rented a cheap car, changed out our currency for Icelandic Krona, and set off on an adventure of a lifetime.
This being my first time to Europe I was filled with excitement and a lot of nerves. Justin has traveled far more than I have. He’s been to places such as Austria, China, Ireland, and Norway, so I took a backseat and let him lead the way.

Our trip was amazing! We experienced so much in Iceland. The culture shock of the Icelandic language, vast untamed landscapes, breathtaking waterfalls, majestic mountains, and beautiful glaciers. All of this made for a perfect trip. I made a video documenting the best of my trip and titled it “Why We Came To Iceland”. The title was inspired from the mixed reviews people wild give me when I told them where I traveled, which was always followed up by “why would you take a trip there?” or “wasn’t it cold”. Yes, yes it was cold, but the temperature was nothing compared to the beauty of the country and the amazing time I got to spend with my cousin.

Please feel free to watch the video I made about my experience in Iceland, and also Subscribe to my Youtube channel to view the daily videos that I created while in Iceland documenting our day-to-day travels. Thanks & I hope you enjoy!!!

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