Why I don’t want to become an “Andy Bernard” & rather be a “Jim Halpert”

I don’t want to become Andy Bernard. I’m talking of course about the fictional character in the hit show The Office. I am a long time fan of this show and relate to many of the characters (especially Michael Scott). Recently I have been observing the show with a new perspective. The perspective that I am going down a similar path as Andy Bernard. I do not want to become Andy Bernard.

Who Is Andy?

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Andy is a nice guy. Andy seeks approval from others. Andy is up tight, preppy, and occasionally arrogant. Andy falls in love with women who do not love him and/or are in a relationship with someone else. Andy settles. In the show Andy graduates from Cornell University and settles for a job at a small retail paper company. He does just enough work to get by and tries his best to be the bosses pet. Andy is isolated him from his peers, causing social tension in every interaction he encounters. Andy resents his successful brother, blames his problems on his parents and is looked down on by his family for his lack of ambition.

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Andy is unlikable because he tries too hard to be liked. In the last season of the show, Andy goes insane. He snaps. He’s been living a lie for many years, and it causes him to have a melt down. Spoiler Alert: Andy at the age of 30 something quits his job in pursuit of becoming an entertainer. Instead of having an office full of friends supporting him in pursuit of his dream, he has zero support from anyone, no friends, no one to confirm his vision, and most importantly no one who loves him.


Andy lived his life by the rules. His actions, decisions, and relationships, got him no where. I don’t want to end up like Andy. Andy was a charismatic talented individual who settled his whole life, never took chances, and never went anywhere. I have been living my life in a similar way. I worry about the opinion of others, shy away from opportunities, and settle. I am in the process of making the a change from an Andy to a Jim.


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Jim is outgoing, smart, and brave. He tends to take advantage of opportunities when they present themselves, and he’s not afraid to go after what he wants. Jim falls in love with Pam, he does this by making her happy in creative clever ways. He successfully moves up the corporate ladder and lands a job as the manager. Jim is brave and risks his emotions and confesses his love for Pam. Jim has friends some old buds, some new. Jim even risks a stable job to work for a start-up company that is more well suited for his talents.
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I want to be like Jim.


If you are curious as to which The Office character you are, take the character quiz here. https://www.buzzfeed.com/anitabadejo/which-character-from-the-office-are-you


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