Finally Done With Finals

I had a surreal moment today as I was handing in my last final exam of college.

As I was walking out of the room I was overcome with a wave of memories and emotional from my past 17 years of schooling.

I had memories of getting dropped off for kindergarten, lunch times and “show choir” in elementary school, doing the national fitness challenge and struggling to hold my pull up for 30 seconds in middle school, the friends and videos I made in high school, and ¬†all the fun adventures I’ve had in college. Handing in that exam was exciting.

It was exciting because I did it, I sat through hours of classes, lectures, papers, projects, exams, and although I had my doubts I did it, I put in the time and effort and now I finished.

This is not to say that I won’t miss the friends I’ve made or the experiences that I’ve shared at school. I’m simply excited to take on another challenge and pursue my dreams.

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