Drake Views Workout Tracklist


Just listened to VIEWS for like … a whole day.

Now I’m not here to review the album. Mostly because I have no musical credentials. I can’t sing, rap or do the “hotline bling” dance.

But what I lack in musical talent I make up for with good musical taste.

I often listen to albums for the first time while working out. This allows me to relax and focus on both the album and my workout.

Nothing kills the vibe of a workout more than a slow emotion filled song, (something Drake is commonly known for).

After a recent workout I have picked out the Top Ten Tracks off of Drake’s Views to workout to:

  1. Hype. Self-explanatory. This song should be placed at the start of your playlist. it will HYPE you up!
  2. Pop Style feat the THRONE. Maybe its because I’ve been listening to this song for a week before the album came out but Drake Kanye and Jay-Z deliver on this song.
  3. VIEWS the namesake of the album is also a song you will loose your s*** to in the gym.
  4. Still Here Another song with a great beat.Drake Views Playlist
  5. Grammy, This songs beats go hard. Perfect for a pick you up song
  6. Weston Road Flows. Drake once again tells us an intricate story over a laid back beat. Great song to loose yourself to and push yourself.
  7. Childs Play. The Tambourine in this track isn’t the first thing I look for in a workout track but it worked!
  8. Too Good. This song Features Rihanna and has a great sound to it, some Spanish flare. Which makes it a great song to workout to… or dance.
  9. 9 Self explanatory. Great song with an in-depth look at Drakes struggles. We can relate, we can relate.
  10. One Dance.💃🏼 This hook is too fly. This is the type of song that gets stuck in your head all day.

Create a playlist and let me know how your workout went.

Also a side not: Drake created a “Views” Meme generator that I had a blast using. Give it a try. Click 👉Views


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