Don’t regret the chances you didn’t take.

Do you ever find yourself thinking back on all the times in your life when you had an opportunity, an opportunity where you could potentially make a decision that would change your life?

Whether it be to go for it and kiss that someone, or a chance to try out something you’ve been to afraid to try. These events if not handled right in the present moment become lost and meaningless the second you make the decision to say “no” in your head and play it safe you not only loose the present moment that you were in but also the vast amount of opportunities that could have unfolded because of your action instead of hiding and “playing it safe”.

Now most of the time we don’t realize that these little moments are the pivotal ones, but since we have experienced these moments time and time again we realize, understand and know how it feels to regret not taking action.

What we need to do, in order for us to stop us from waisting time regretting our inability of action, we must take every “present” moment for what it is and fully take the opportunities that the present allows us. Because after all we are only here once, why live a life full of regrets, when you can live life to the fullest.

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