Desperate Measures

I am about to walk out the door to go do my required Internship.

I have to complete 400 hours. That is 400 hours of not getting paid!

On my first day of my internship I totaled my car. A sweet 2005 Hyundai Tiburon GT that I named “Tibby”. I totaled her because I was carelessly checking my Iphone GPS to figure out which street to turn onto. I rear ended someone at a red light (face palm).

So… for the past 340 hours of my internship I’ve had to hitch rides, borrow cars and feel sad about totaling my baby. 😢

And now with only 2 weeks left before I graduate COLLEGE, I have to come up with a way of getting the remaining 60 required hours. The girl I hitched rides with has finished her hours, my brother won’t let me borrow his car anymore, and I’ve run out of tears for my lost car. Desperate times = desperate measures.

After my accident my Aunt generously offered me her 2002 Honda Odyssey, but my pride said “No way, I won’t be caught dead in an old Mini Van, especially after having a sweet two door mini sports car”. Now desperate times call for desperate measures sooooo … I guess I’ll be driving to my internship in a Mini Van now. I’m gonna call it the Mystery Machine.


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