Three Reasons Why Men Choose Man Buns

Why is the modern day man obsessed with man buns?

At first I thought this would be a quick fad with hipsters and the lazy man who doesn’t have the energy to get his hair cut but NOOO I was wrong.  This is more than a fad, this is a style.

I have respect for all you “man bunners” out there. As a male who loves his hair (felt weird saying that), I agree that you should be able to grow out your hair and wear it as you please.

I have three theories as to why men choose to rock the Man Bun.

  1. Jared Leto Celebrities have rocked it with much success

    Actor Colin Farrell garbs a quick healthy drink at Break Room Cafe in studio city before heading to the studio. Featuring: Colin Farrell Where: Studio City, California, United States When: 15 Jan 2015 Credit: Cousart/JFXimages/
    Actor Colin Farrell with a sub par Man Bun
  2. Society as a whole has become
    more open to self expression, individuality, and sexuality.
  3. The Chicks dig it

Many guys can pull off the “Man Bun look” like Jared Leto (left), but most fall short and end up with a man bun like that of Colin Farrell (right).  We live vicariously though our celebrities. Anything we see a celebrity successfully do we are more willing to try and do. Whether that be donating to charity or driving way to fast in our ferrari’s.

In today’s world we are more open to self expression, individuality, and sexuality.

Growing out your hair is a form of self expression, this can be best seen throughout the 70’s.

Being an individual is also an important factor when choosing your hair style. In a world of undercuts and Justin Bieber pompadour, its refreshing to grow out your own hair and rock your own form of a man bun.

The sexuality around the man bun hairstyle is a vast and interesting topic, that is why I will only touch briefly on it. In today’s society the term unisex (for both sexes) is more commonly used than it has ever been before. We have unisex clothes, products and now hairstyles. The man bun is the most feminine hair style that we have ever seen. The modern portrayal of a “man” in today’s society is not that of the rough & rugged John Wayne, but rather a more refined and gentle man who can grown out his hair as a form of his self expression.

The Chicks dig it

Probably the best reason any guy grows out his hair is to attract females. According to an article on 100 women were surveyed to see if they were attracted to men with Man Buns and the results found that 69% of were.

Only 31 of them said “Absolutely Not”.

Did I miss any reasons? Do you think that man buns are just a fad? Leave a comment below and strike up a lively discussion.

(Side note: As I am writing this I have my hair up in a mini man bun, I look like Mulan)


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