My First Blog

I finally overcame my hesitation. I decided to creating my very own blog. Not so much for myself but rather for you. I consider myself a rather extroverted person who loves to interact with everyone I meet. Thats what I hope this blog will serve to do, just that!

Proceed with fair warning however, because this Blog is going to be perfect. This Blog will most likely have tons of spelling and grammatical errors (I blame autocorrect for dumbing me down), a frenzy of absurd and ludicrous stories about my life, and some days just me going on a rant about the daily life of a 22 year old about to graduate college.

With that in mind, What I hope this blog will serve to do is:
Teach lessons I have learned from my life

Provide interesting stories

Encourage the following of dreams

Explore Oneself

Travel lands far far away

& Be a great source of entertainment

I look forward to post about my life and talking with you as well.


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